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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  January 27, 2013 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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>> good evening on this sunday night. we begin with the terrible images coming in tonight after the horrific nightclub fire, the blaze breaking out in a university town in southern brazil. this evening, you can see the searing images just coming in here to abc. the desperate battle at the door of the club. firefighters and club goers, the lucky ones who managed to escape, trying to reach the young people trapped by the flames and the choking smoke, trying to get to what authorities say was the one working exit. onlookers rushing to the injured, trying to save lives and at day break, the families arriving, mothers and fathers looking for their sons and daughters. the investigation is under way in santa maria, brazil, and abc's matt gutman, leading us off tonight. >> reporter: so many victims, and so young. firefighters in the town of santa maria barely able to comprehend the tragic scene. the popular nightclub called "kiss" still smoldering in the morning hours after the blaze erupted inside that club packed with about 2,000 college students.
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the cause is still under investigation, but witnesses say it started when the band performing onstage lit up fireworks and pointed them toward the ceiling. officials say that set off some akufta -- acoustic insulation and the club began filling with smoke. setting off a panic and a stampede. the crowd scrambled through the dark chaos, toward the exit, pushing and shoving to escape the crush. most of the victims reportedly died of smoke inhalation. firefighters arrived quickly and were assisted by club goers who managed to escape. this video was captured by an eyewitness who ran to the scene. it shows several young men bravely helping the overwhelmed firefighters pull the victims out. others hacked away at walls with axes to find people still trapped. one of the victims who made it out says. >> there was some kind of small gate that was chained. with all the people pushing against it, it broke. people started going under the gate, but i was afraid to do
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that because i was afraid to get killed by people running over me. when i fell, some guy fell next to me. at the same time he went under the gate, i grabbed onto him and he pulled me out. news of the horrifying tragedy spread quickly through the town of about 250,000 people and family members rushed to the scene. this is by most accounts, the world's deadly nightclub fire in nearly a decade, not the first time pyrotechnics are to blame. and in 2003, 100 people died at the station nightclub in rhode island when a prop used by the band "great white" set the walls and ceiling on fire. firefighters arrived to the horrific sight of hundreds of people, stuck in the front doorway of the club frantically trying to get out. the tragic irony of this incident, a news crew was inside that night shooting a spot about nightclub safety. matt gutman, abc news, miami. >> matt, our thanks to you tonight. at this hour, parents now on the
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scene. a heart-breaking evening. one couple going in at a time at the makeshift morgue. i spoke with sara who was on the scene just moments ago. sara, we've been told the list of names has been released. can you describe the scene there? >> reporter: it's really like a war zone here. we have 232 bodies laid down side by side. so the families go inside one by one, they look at the bodies. >> can you describe for us what it's been like for the mothers and fathers who have come to the scene to find out if their children survived? >> reporter: terrible, terrible. you know your daughter, your son, does not answer the phone, not answering the phone, but you still try. you can see people still trying to call the cellphones. one of the most sad things, the cellphones in there were ringing for people looking for their sons and daughters. those phones will never be answered.
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everywhere you look, the city, people have red eyes, people are crying. people are holding each other. it's really hard. >> there were survivors who got out of that club who said this fire began when band members lit flares. is that your understanding? >> reporter: yeah, yeah. the ceiling was too short and some flashes got to the ceiling and the fire started. people say that he tried to extinguish the fire, but the thing that extinguish the fire wasn't working. >> so many questions. our thanks to sara tonight, our coverage of the nightclub tragedy. matt gutman will be reporting from the scene tomorrow morning on "good morning america." we move on tonight and here in this country, a massive weather system, an ice storm on the move from the midwest to the mid atlantic. glazing cars like these right here in iowa. this firefighter taking part in a rescue drill in illinois. tonight freezing rain moving
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eastward and quickly. abc meteorologist ginger zee on what could be a dangerous monday morning commute. >> reporter: icing on a very cold winter cake. parts of the midwest are slipping and sliding through their sunday. from the treacherous roads in minnesota to difficult stops in springfield, illinois. in ames, iowa, it was a quarter inch of crunch. freezing rain glazed car doors shut. and the ice envelopes branches and berries from iowa to southeast, minnesota, where we find meteorologist justin thompson gee. >> this ice really weighing down on these branches where they have about a quarter inch on them. we could see power outages tonight. the ice will not let up until later tonight. >> reporter: do you hear that? that's sleet covering the ground in northern illinois. there was so much ice, you couldn't see through these windows. plows in illinois were out in full force. at least 300 flights are canceled. and by tomorrow, all that ice,
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so worthy of an instagram, will melt away. >> makes for a pretty picture, but not a pretty commute. where is it headed now? >> just moving out of chicago, through parts of michigan, into the mid east. the purple is the area with up to quarter inch of ice, problematic areas. raleigh, included in there. to new york and boston, a snow event. tuesday into wednesday, another big system to talk about. a lot of warmth and moisture making for a mild start to the week on the coast, but cold air behind it, a threat from st. louis to memphis. little rock included, on wednesday, d.c. to montgomery. >> we move on to washington. and president obama sitting down for an interview for the first time with someone other than his wife. instead, hillary clinton. so many ask, is this an endorsement of sorts? today someone else adding to the talk, republican congressman paul ryan. mitt romney's former running
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mate, saying today, if clinton had been president, the fiscal cliff would have have been solved. which clinton was he talking about? >> reporter: it is a heck of an exit interview on cbs's 60 minutes. >> i'm going to miss her. wish she was sticking around. a lot of the successes we've had internationally have been because of her hard work. >> reporter: certainly these two former bitter rivals. >> in politics and democracy, sometimes you win elections, sometimes you lose elections. i worked very hard, but i lost. >> reporter: now seem to have an enduring relationship. why did he ask me? why did i say yes? because we both love our country. was this sit down more than a thank you? was the president endorsing a possible presidential run in 2016 by hillary clinton? there's one republican who wishes a clinton was president right now, but we're not clear which one. today congressman paul ryan once again attacked president obama's leadership abilities. >> if we had a clinton presidency, i think we would have fixed this fiscal mess by now.
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that's not the kind of presidency we're dealing with right now. >> reporter: looking on, our latest poll provides even more good news for clinton. her favorability rating is 67% compared to vice president biden, the other potential candidate at just 48%. he says it's way too early for this kind of talk. >> i haven't made that judgement. and hillary hasn't made that judgement. >> reporter: he says he'll be busy in the coming years working on issues, two of those will get a lot of attention, guns and immigration. hillary clinton's last day at the state department is friday. >> david, thanks to you. meantime, the incoming secretary of state will join the president as the white house keeps a close watch on north korea. this weekend, that country appearing to up the stakes again, promising to retaliate against any country that imposes sanctions ordered by the u.n. north korea's new young leader also convening his team, prompting spy satellites to be launched tonight.
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we turn to gloria riviera. >> reporter: good evening, david. south koreans are concerned tonight after north korea singled this country out, vowing to take action against the people here if south koreans support the u.s. backed sanctions now being put into place. according to north korea's central news agency, kim jong-un met with top military officials to discuss retaliation against both the u.s. and south korea if they help confiscate much needed goods and supplies before they reach the north. that's just one part of the u.n. sanctions against north korea. punishment for its most recent long-range rocket launch, and its plans to conduct a third nuclear test. in a sign north korea's threats to the region and beyond are being taken seriously, japan today sent two new spy satellites into orbit, to monitor north korean actions. the latest imagery indicated tests could take place on short notice.
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american officials believe north korea's goal is to test a nuclear weapon small enough to be mounted on a long-range rocket that might be able to strike u.s. territory. even north korea's strongest ally is urging restraint. china said it will cut food assistance if north korea carries out another test. the concern is that north korea will pursue weapons development at any cost, even the well being of its own people. >> gloria, thank you. in egypt this evening, president morsi declaring a state of emergency in part of that country after days of deadly violence now. several people were killed in riots, marking the two year anniversary of the arab spring. the worst violence was sparked when a judge sentenced nearly two dozen people to death for taking part in a soccer riot that killed 70 fans. more than 40 people more died after the judge's ruling. back to a medical case in in country who could affect thousands of people who have gone in for surgery. the case involved replacement
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hips that have gone bad. now questions about whether the maker of those hips knew there was a good chance there would be trouble. here tonight, abc's medical editor, dr. richard besser. >> reporter: three years after dennis brooks had his arthritic hip replaced, he began to feel the pain. it became so bad that he just had his hip replacement replaced. >> i was depressed that i had to go through this again because as far as i was concerned, they didn't do their research. >> reporter: brooks' original hip replacement was made entirely of metal and that appears to have been the problem. something his new surgeon, dr. steven harwin, says he sees all too often. >> i've never been an advocate for metal on metal hips. i was skeptical about some of the results when we had these early reports of failure. >> reporter: hip replacements are a great medical success story, versions made of ceramic and plastic, but some new artificial hips are entirely metal. and for the estimated half a
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million americans who now have metal on metal hips, the news hasn't been good. johnson & johnson recalled their all-metal hip in 2010. a deposition revealed a 2011 internal company document predicted that almost 40% of those hips would go bad within five years. johnson & johnson says that estimate was based on a small, limited set of data and shouldn't be generalized, but "the new york times" reports that lawyers for the patient now suing the company introduced internal documents in court, showing that johnson & johnson knew of the problems with the hip all the way back in 2007. the failure rate for all brands of metal hips varies. it happens more often in women and the overweight. it is believed that constant friction can cause metal to break off into your body, even end up in your blood stream. that can mean joint pain and swelling and symptoms you'd never associate with your hip, including rash, heart problems, fatigue, depression, problems seeing or hearing. >> those are serious symptoms.
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there are thousands of americans walking around with this metal in their hip right now. what if they're not feeling it at all? what do you do? >> even if you're not having a problem, every one on two years, see your doctor and get checked out. the symptoms are very strange. so any change in your health and you have one of these hips, be seen right away. >> for those watching with hip surgery weeks or months away, what do they do? >> good news. they're not using metal on metal hips anymore. go in with confidence. >> rich, our thanks to you. still much more ahead here on "world news" this sunday night. the brand new extra surcharge kicking in, up to 4% on your purchases. we ask where and what walmart is saying tonight. and later on, players and coaches ducking all because of an unexpected player, this bat. [ male announcer ] when it comes to the financial obstacles military families face, we understand.
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as much as 4% more. stores have always had to pay a fee to let you swipe, but following a settlement with credit card companies, retailers can now pass that fee on to you. >> what would think if they added? >> i would be really upset. i wouldn't want to pay more. who wants to pay more? >> there are back end charges everywhere you go. >> sounds like you sympathize with the stores? >> they're losing business all over the place. >> reporter: ten states have already barred retailers from charging customers the fee. >> this would probably be a greater impact and import to local merchants. >> reporter: some big retailers have already said they won't be passing on the surcharge to customers. walmart told abc news, we are not interested in surcharging customers in order to allow credit card companies to continue charging unfair fees. but there's a way to know if your neighborhood store will make you pay more. >> when you walk in, there must be a sign conspicuously displayed indicating that they do surcharge.
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then at the cash register and also on your receipt, they have to clearly disclose what the surcharge is. >> reporter: if you're shopping online, check the website's home page because the retailer must tell you if it's charging you that extra fee. none of this applies to debit cards, just credit cards. >> good advice, check online too. when we come back here tonight, what happened to ellen this weekend? the only underarm treatment for low t. that's right, the one you apply to the underarm. axiron is not for use in women or anyone younger than 18. axiron can transfer to others through direct contact. women, especially those who are or who may become pregnant, and children should avoid contact where axiron is applied as unexpected signs of puberty in children or changes in body hair or increased acne in women may occur. report these signs and symptoms to your doctor if they occur. tell your doctor about all medical conditions and medications. do not use if you have prostate or breast cancer.
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we're going to turn now to the instant index for a sunday night. we start with a dramatic rescue of a baby boy and two family members from a frightening flood in australia. the baby just 14 months old. look at the video tonight. the family truck stuck in raging waters. time running out. the chopper spots the two women and baby in the back of the truck. they lower a water line, the rescuers assuring them the baby will be back. the baby is pulled up to the rescue chopper above. the adults were saved to. watch at the final shot, the baby popping his little head out of the bag. he's okay. now to johnny football. this video going viral. johnny mansel challenged by the website do perfect, to match these crazy trick shots. you see he throws it through the basketball hoop, he lands the shot. somebody should have remindsed him he already got the heisman.
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and ellen turning 55. what does that look like. remember her challenge to the first lady. >> i want to know if you can do more push-ups than i can do. >> it depends on your back. i know you have back issues. >> ellen marking the birthday this weekend. no word if she took a break from working out. but from the crew here, ellen, happy birthday. you can always tweet me @david muir on twitter or find me on facebook. when we come back tonight, the coaches, hiding behind one another, the player nearly seven feet tall, hitting the floor, all because of this guy -- a bat, terrifying an entire arena. . here he comes. you wouldn't want your doctor doing your job, the pitch! whoa! so why are you doing his? only your doctor can determine if your persistent heartburn is actually something more serious like acid reflux disease. over time, stomach acid can damage the lining of your esophagus. for many, prescription nexium not only provides
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and finally tonight here, the college basketball game turned upside down by an unexpected player. here's abc's clayton sandell tonight. >> reporter: from the belfry to the basketball court. >> every time the bat has flown over the court the crew have been forced to stop ply. >> reporter: with 11 minutes left to play in milwaukee, this tiny winged mammal swooped in, bringing the game between marquette and providence to a halt. >> we don't want any trouble. we just want the keep to keep going, that's all. they took up arms, in this case, towels, and fought back. the fear is understandable, bats can after all, carry rabe ears. this one, probably scared. >> when it comes out, it's thirsty, so it comes down to the floor thinking it's a lake and trying to skim the surface to get a drink.
5:57 pm
>> reporter: at the p.a. guys had their fun -- [ batman theme ] >> reporter: they tried getting rid of the bat by turning off the lights. the bat vanished. the ordeal over. the game win eventually went to marquette's golden eagles, but victory to the bat. clayton sandell, abc news, denver. >> what did they think the towels were going to do? that's the broadcast for a sunday night. i'll be joining gma first thing in the morning. we hope to see you. and diane sawyer here tomorrow night. goodnight. >> next at 6:00. the 49ers are in new orleans. the team landed a short time ago. their bay area sendoff on the road the super bowl. >> caught on tape. the new video of a bank robbery
5:58 pm
in progress. >> be ready to pay or get a ticket. the new meter ruled that are now being enforced. abc7 news at 6:00 starts now. [shouting] >> ama: a big sendoff today for the 49ers as the team heads to new orleans. the countdown to super bowl xlvii is on tonight. good evening and thank you for joining us, i'm ama daetz. coach jim harbaugh cared -- carried one of his children off the flight after it landed in new orleans. the team landed a short time ago, about three and a half hours after taking off from san jose. the traveling party then boarded several buses before receiving a police escort to the team's hotel in new orleans. the mass roman saw the 49ers depart from their headquarters today. here's more.
5:59 pm
reporter: the 49ers left their headquarters here to a cheerful and optimistic sendoff. now we have to wait a week to find out if that 49ers optimism pays off. a contingent of more than 60 fans gathered to see their team off. none were as young as six-month-old grant who says has been born into a 49 family. >> i have been born into the 49ers, my older brother taught my everything i know. >> we asked season ticketholders if they're making the trip to new orleans to see the game in person. >> we're hoping to. we're style working on details. >> what details? >> money, really. [laughter] >> it's going to take about $7,000. >> that's just one person's expenses. inside the gates, the 49er tight end vernon davis is taking an extra pair of sneakers and colin kaepernick is keeping his head warm for the trip. they all seem in a good mood. the team got a big


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